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Dr. Enoch is the best. The kids love him. He will go out of his way to be sure they are happy and comfortable.

U roc!!!!!!!!!!!

Harold is the best ortho in the US. I have not visited other countries for orthodontists but I am sure he would beat them as well. Also, I like the office staff, they are super nice and they give me free pencils each time I visit. Oh, those funny movies (HA HA HA), I could watch Home Alone 2 or Dora the Explorer all day long. Thank you Dr. Enoch for treating my teeth for over 23 years.
-Ryan Green

I am on to a retainer FOREVER! Big responsibility. I loved and still love this office and all its workers. They have been amazing! I will still come back with my sisters (two-Caroline and Spencer). Thank you, Madison! 🙂
-Madison Hale

Dr. Enoch, Can’t say enough good things about your practice! Not sure who designed your website but it’s excellent. Really appeals to your audience and has a ton of information on it. Your generosity to the sponsorships is amazing. As a parent, I appreciate your focus on MY time by always being on time for OUR appointments. I’ll always refer friends to your practice. Thanks so much for everything. See you in a few months with Brian (my 2nd child).

Is braces cool
-Marisha Smith

Your brases are asome and cool looking. Colin Timothy and Tyler
Colin Wegman

Hi Dr. Enoch! Great website and games.

This place is GRRRREEAAAATTT!!!!!!

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my brother. You have helped our beautiful smiles.
-Nicole Daniell

This ortho place is the best.

I had my braces a long time ago. I guess all that time with Dr. Enoch and his amazing staff really influenced me; I’m now a student at Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine. I just completed our intro to orthodontics course and was reminded of my time in braces 🙂 I have an even greater appreciation for the work Dr. Enoch did and cannot wait until I can practice dentistry!

I always wondered why my friends complained about going to their orthodontist, because I always looked forward to going to mine! You guys rock and I know my little brother will enjoy going to you guys almost as much as I did! Thank you Dr. Enoch!
-Daniel Seidner

Dr. Enoch and staff are the best!

I love the website!
-Sarah Wallace

I get my braces on my 2nd visit! I have had them on for 2 years now! I am so excited!!! Thank you Dr. Enoch
-Leah Marie Davey

Dr. Enoch and your staff are the best. Thank you so much for my smile. You are the best office I have ever been to. Thanks. Your favorite patient.

Wanted to say Thank you for correcting my crowded teeth. I feel so good about smiling. Thank you again.

Your office is the best. Thank you so much for my new smile. PS: The new video games are cool. Thanks,

Thank you for making my crowded teeth straight -I feel great about smiling again. Dr. Enoch you are the best…

Dr. Enoch and staff – you are the BEST Orthodontic office in Atlanta. Thank you for your work. Bill Williams

Hey Dr. Enoch and Staff! Wow, I haven’t talked to, or seen you guys in such a long time! It’s been about four years, and I’ve been extremely pleased with my “teeth results”..Thanks SO MUCH!! (P.S- I’ll be seeing you soon..I lost my retainers =/..) Take care!
Suzanne Bush

You are one of the reasons I smile ALL the time!
Carrie Rothstein-Fisch

Hi Dr.Enoch,my sister and I were taking some time to go on your website and play some games and choose cool colors for our future braces!Hope you have a wonderful summer and can’t wait for braces!
Yvonne Sonsino

Thanks for the information.
Olivia Myers

Hi Dr.Enoch and crew
Leah Marie

love ur site, it relly helped me!!!

You have the best staff, everyone is so nice. – – Dr. E your the Best. Thanks for my smile.

The color planner is awesome!!!
Becca White

Hi! All of my friends have braces. (AND I MEAN ALL) They have all been waiting for me to get mine! The time has now come. See you on Monday the 18th! Sarah Wasko : )
Sarah Wasko

Hey I am so happy i am gettin braces i want my teeth fixed!!! I already have like all of my colors planned!!! I LVU THE OFFICE I HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!(Sept for the mold or impresstions)
Carlie R.

Dr. Enoch – You are the best :))))

Hey, I love going to the orthodontist cause everyones always talking about stupid stuff that makes me laugh while April is fixing my braces.
Michaela L.

: )
Maddie L.

Dr. Enoch – Your office is the best Doctor’s office I have ever been to. Your staff is also the most caring. Everyone at the office just makes you feel like you are part of their family. Thank you.

Hey thanks a bunch for coming to our classroom(HighTowerTrail) Mr.Fox’s class. I’m getting braces so I will come and see ya thanx a bunch for taking your time to come and see our class!!!

Hey, this is cristina. Dr. Enoch came to our school today (hightower trail-mr fox) i just wanted to let you know you were great! thanks a ton!

Thank you- Thank you– For my great smile –Everyone is great
Vicki S.

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